Learn everything, don’t believe anything in the fitness world

There is a lot of misconstrued and contradicting information in the fitness and nutrition world that needs to be examined before guiding people to these so-called methods.  Learn everything

 Learn everything

“Do cardio before weights for better results”

”High repetitions tone your muscles”

“Eat every two hours to speed your metabolism”

”Carbs are the enemy”

“Weight training will bulk you up”

“The post-workout nutrition window is 30 minutes”

“Long-distance running will beat up your knees”

“Eat the egg whites and not the yolk”

I am not saying the above examples are wrong per se. But what happens when we throw these phrases around as facts is the mainstream world starts to believe that this is the way, and the only way. Learn everything

And it is just not true.

Many methods can work. Learn everything

There are many ways to skin a cat, especially in fitness.

What works for one person may not work the same exact way for another.

Science and research helps us differentiate dogmatic principles versus factual information.

Once we understand the science and the facts, we then must look anecdotally and ask:

“How did it work for me?” Learn everything

“Did I do a good job at following ‘x’ principle/diet for a period of time?”

“Did I give it a chance?”

“Did I give up too soon?”

More importantly, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Getting results in fitness takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, consistency, and adaptability.

Overnight results are far-fetched.

Experience can be a tremendous teacher. Learn everything

The moral of this story is go beyond the status quo.

Not just in fitness, but in life. Learn everything

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Not just in fitness, but in life.The moral of this story is go beyond the status quo. Not just in fitness, but in life.

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