‘EcoPact’ youth group plans community cleanup event

We are hoping that many people will come to help make Three Rivers a better and cleaner place! (Anna Villavicencio)

Reversing the climate catastrophe revolves around an important question: If not us, who? Well, to date, adults have let our children down, and they know it. And many youth aren’t waiting around any longer for the grownups to solve the myriad climate crises that threaten the planet. They are doing something about it, even here in Three Rivers. ‘EcoPact’ youth group

Below is a letter to Three Rivers residents and visitors from Anna Villacencio, 12, of Three Rivers inviting all to be involved in an upcoming eco-activity that will make a difference and benefit everyone. Here is what Anna has to say:

I am one of the leaders of an environmental club called EcoPact-A Kid’s Environmental Society that I started with some of my friends. ‘EcoPact’ youth group

'EcoPact' youth groupOne of the things that we have noticed about our town is that there is a lot of litter. People throw it out their car windows, leave it places, or just forget to pick it up. That trash is very unpleasant to have around and can pose threats to human health, safety, and welfare in ways such as contaminating drinking water. It is also very bad for the environment because a lot of animals can easily mistake pieces of trash for food and end up choking on them. Others can get entangled in things like fishing gear. I have seen pictures of these things before, and they make me really, really, sad. They also make me want to do something about it, because we humans are the ones who made the trash, and I feel that we should clean it up.

I am glad that I get to grow up in such a nice place like Three Rivers where I can be close to nature, and I want my kids (if I have any) to grow up in a place like this. I actually hope that everywhere will be nice, and that no humans or animals will have to suffer from the trash that we have made. I know that this is most likely not possible, but I think we could still try to make it that way, or at least make some improvement. ‘EcoPact’ youth group

EcoPact-A Kid’s Environmental Society has decided that the best place to start is in our own community, at the place that probably has the most amount of trash.We are planning a cleanup at Lake Kaweah, and everyone will be welcome to assist.

We will be cleaning up the lake bottom and Cobble Knoll areas. Masks, gloves, and the practice of social distancing will be required for public health, and anyone coming is encouraged to bring their own trash bags, as well as sun protection and water if needed. ‘EcoPact’ youth group

We are hoping that many people will come to help make Three Rivers a better and cleaner place! 

Thank you. ‘EcoPact’ youth group

Anna Villavicencio
EcoPact-A Kid’s Environmental Society

One thought on “‘EcoPact’ youth group plans community cleanup event

  • September 11, 2020 at 6:26 am

    Great idea Anna. Has a date been set?
    I would love to join in your efforts.
    Thank you. !


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