Preliminary results are in for the November 3 General Election

Here are the results as they stand on Thursday afternoon, November 5, 2020. But ballots are still being counted. In California, the results will be certified by December 11, 2020. In Tulare County, the turnout of registered voters was 51 percent.

Local voters line up at Three Rivers Memorial Building on Election Day morning.
(File photo)


Joe Biden has 253 electoral votes and President Donald Trump has 213. The race remains too close to call and votes are still being counted after 102 million Americans voted by mail.

Biden’s lead in projected states means he has several paths to victory, while Trump has less options to reach 270. Victories in Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, and Nevada, which has 6, would get Biden to exactly 270, the amount needed for a candidate to declare victory  A win in Pennsylvania, with 20 electoral votes, would also put him over the top. Georgia and North Carolina have 16 and 15 electoral votes, respectively. 

Here are the unofficial election results as they currently stand:

U.S. Representative, District 23

Kevin McCarthy (incumbent) – 57.7%
Kim Mangone – 42.3%

State Assembly, District 23

Jim Patterson (ran unopposed) 

County Supervisor, District 1

Larry Micari – 55.02%
Kuyler Crocker (incumbent) – 44.98%

Board of Education, Area 2

Deborah Lynn Holguin (incumbent) – 50.75%
Ruben Macareno – 49.25%

Woodlake Unified School District, Area F

Edmund Pena (incumbent) – 44.67%
Veronica Gonzalez – 31.46%
Dean Taylor – 23.87%

State Propositions

14 – Bonds to Continue Stem Cell Research – YES
15 – Property Tax to Fund Schools, Government Services – NO
16 – Affirmative Action in Government Decisions – NO
17 – Restores Right to Vote After Prison Term – YES
18 – 17-year-old Primary Voting Rights – NO
19 – Changes Certain Property Tax Rules – YES
20 – Parole Restrictions for Certain Offenses – NO
21 – Expands Governments’ Authority to Rent Control – NO
22 – App-Based Drivers and Employee Benefits – YES
23 – State Requirements for Kidney Dialysis Clinics – NO
24 – Amends Consumer Privacy Laws – YES
25 – Eliminates Money Bail System – NO


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