1st Saturday celebrates 10 years with student art show


On display during the 1st Saturday birthday commemoration in McDowall Auditorium at Three Rivers Union School on October 6 were works of art by students. Judges Nikki Crain, Earl Thompson, and Barbara Thompson awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and Honorable Mentions to the students.
Also on this day, 1st Saturday organizers recognized Three Rivers artist Nadi Spencer, the founder of 1st Saturday.
“After we did the ceremony to celebrate Nadi, she did what she always does: wanted to give back,” explained Shirley Keller, 1st Saturday publicist and local artist who opens her home studio to guests each month during 1st Saturday. “Nadi offered to go around give an award to each grade. A few of us followed her and ended up with a class in composition that was great!”
Here are the TRUS Art Show awards:
1st Place – 
Whole Class: Best Totem Pole
1st    Sawyer Rose Welch
2nd Quentin Leedy
3rd Presley Kerby
Honorable Mention:  Alice Stark
Nadi Spencer Award: 
   Farrah McWilliams
First Grade
1st Anita Fiorino
2nd Mason Doyle
3rd Madeline Phan
Honorable Mention:  Landon Rusie
Nadi Spencer Award:  Baron Shouse
Second Grade
1st Lorenzo Chansler-Mestaz
2nd Roman Leedy
3rd Clara Nesmith
Honorable Mention:  Layne Williams
Nadi Spencer Award:  Gerardo Reyes
Third Grade
1st Samantha Meyers
2nd Phoenix Datig
3rd Aubree McKown
Honorable Mention: 
   Maverick Villavicencio
Nadi Spencer Award:  Ryland Lang
Fourth Grade
1st Tanner Rusie
2nd Thomas Leedy
3rd Alice Warner
Honorable Mention:   Sabine Bousek
Nadi Spencer Award:  Ayden Browne
Fifth Grade
1st Jayla Karplus
2nd Abby Nesmith
3rd Anna Villavicencio
Honorable Mention: 
   Niko Thompson-Gilbert
Nadi Spencer Award: Lucas Pereda
Sixth Grade
1st Elizabeth Smith
2nd Brenden Doyle
3rd Sunora Welch
Honorable Mention:  Koen Champlin
Nadi Spencer Award:  Arlette Barajas
Seventh Grade
1st Alize Gonzales
2nd Sierra Sherwood
3rd Jasmeet Sall
Honorable Mention: Mason Hildebrand
Nadi Spencer Award:  Daniel Wilson
Eighth Grade
1st Luca Thompson
2nd Fabi Tattersfield
3rd Lucy Allen
Honorable Mention:  Sydney Price
Nadi Spencer Award:  Tate Champlin

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