3R Fire Safe Council: Educating ourselves and being prepared


Evacuation do’s and don’ts

Last Wednesday (September 9), when the LaMars, Three Rivers Fire Safe Council principals, were interviewed by 3RNews they hadn’t an inkling of how quickly things on the West Zone of the Castle Fire could change. After scorching nine miles of forest in 24 hours over the weekend, by Monday, September 14, they had joined their South Fork neighbors in a mandatory evacuation. And now the unthinkable — the rest of Three Rivers (North Fork, and Main Fork, along with the Ash Mountain headquarters of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks might be next to be evacuated. 

In this Part 2 of the September 9 interview, Elizabeth LaMar who brought the Fire Safe Council to Three Rivers, reveals how critical it is to educate ourselves and be prepared. The LaMars outline the FSC agenda for 2021, explain the grants Three Rivers will be receiving and, what we must do to become a fire adapted community. 

Don’t panic, have your go-bag packed and pay attention to alerts that are available through text, email, or a convenient CALFIRE app. As to “home hardening,” an FSC home evaluation team will come assess your property and give you a checklist of what needs to be done. 

“We’ll tell you what you need to do to help your home survive a wildland fire,” Steve LaMar said. “It’s all simple, common sense stuff… the risk of fire season is not going away.”

For now, let’s all just survive this one.



2 thoughts on “3R Fire Safe Council: Educating ourselves and being prepared

  • September 18, 2020 at 7:39 am

    Thanks for the reporting. I know it’s doubtful at this point, but is the FSC still doing home evaluations for lower south fork drive? If so, how can I contact them? Thank you, Julie

  • September 18, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    I don’t understand the problem. It took me about 20 minutes to pack some files and documents, throw some clothes in a carry-on suitcase, some food supplements in a paper bag, and place my three computers in the car. Whatever else one needs one can readily obtain from stores. Really all one needs is a place to sleep and clean up. Much ado about nothing!


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