3R motorist drives over embankment


It was the third solo-vehicle accident within a week that involved Three Rivers drivers.

A 60-year-old woman was driving her late-model Nissan SUV eastbound on Highway 198 on Thursday, Dec. 26, shortly before dusk when she lost control, crossed the westbound lane, and careened down an embankment in the lot next to Rio Sierra Riverhouse near the highway’s intersection with Eggers Drive.

The vehicle came to a stop less than 50 feet from the river channel.

“I was returning from running some errands and on my way home when suddenly I ended up down here,” said the driver at the scene. “It’s been so busy with my kids home for Christmas, I guess I just fell asleep at the wheel.”

The biggest challenge was getting the tow truck into position to pull the banged-up vehicle back up to the roadway approximately 30 feet above.  

The victim was obviously shaken but suffered only a few cuts and bruises. She declined a trip via ambulance to the hospital for further treatment.  

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