A roadmap of the 3RiversNews website


Join in on this tour of the website. It’s as easy as reading a 12-page newspaper.

As we learn what readers want, additional categories will be added and the existing ones honed. But, for now, let’s peruse the site by the top menu categories:



Three Rivers News— This is where the bulk of the new content will land. After all, Three Rivers news is what we do and, now, it’s our name too. Each week, there will be new content here as we continue to cover the community. On this page, there is a headline, a thumbnail photo, and an excerpt of the article. To read more, click the [Read more…] link (and this applies to any article on any page).

Business— This will be specifically for what’s going on in Three Rivers business-wise. There will be the usual comings and goings as well as other pertinent items. Check in here often.

Obituaries— Not the happiest place but necessary. Check here for recent passings of note and to check on service dates and times. (If scheduled weeks in advance, services will also appear, as the date approaches, under the EVENTS heading in the “Announcements” subcategory.

Dispatches— These are reports on items of interest from other news sources. This allows us to go farther afield than what we would normally have the time or resources to develop.



Video Snapshots— This will be similar to the “question of the week” that appeared in newsprint but much more fun. A question will be asked to five-ish participants and answered on video.

People You Should Know— Video interviews, mostly, with, you guessed it, people you should know.

Where in Three Rivers— An photo of an item – whether obscure or a local landmark – will be posted. Readers may leave a comment if they think they know where the photo was taken.

Best of Kaweah Country— For 20 years, this feature has appeared in print. Now it’s online. Take a look at 2018’s winners of these people’s choice awards.

Health and Fitness— We’ve got Visalia gym owner Justin Levine who is a goldmine of knowledge for all things fitness who will contribute articles. Read his introduction here.

Food and Recipes— This area is under development. Food writers and cooks are invited to apply. Send a resume and writing sample to us.

Local History— Three Rivers, Sequoia National Park, Lemon Cove, Woodlake. It’s all here. Make a point to drop in on the Lemon Cove page where there is a great video from the president of the Lemon Cove Women’s Club.

Webcams— Kaweah Kam is there. But this area remains under development.



Calendar— Just like the Kaweah Kalendar. If you want to know what fun activities are coming up, check here often. It is updated as notices and press releases are received.

Announcements— This is like the Calendar but more serious. It will list meetings, public hearings and comment periods, political events, classified-type announcements, and more.



National Park News—>Sequoia-Kings Canyon Updates— Road conditions, campground information, and anything pertaining to the local parks will appear here.

Visitor Information—>Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, Mineral King, and Visitor Guide are the sub-sub-categories here. It’s everything folks need to know before traveling to the parks. This is a great resource of information for visitors.

Outdoor Recreation— Several series will continue here: Biggest of the Big Trees, Hiking the John Muir Trail, and Hiking the Parks. So if looking for something to do outside, stop in here for inspiration.



 Job Board— Help wanted ads will be posted here.

Archives— Search the archives of the previous The Kaweah Commonwealth website as well as access the e-Editions.



This is where you become a member, which will provide access to the premium content.



Any questions or suggestions? This is where they will be communicated.

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