Around town


Photo #1:  Cutting the symbolic ribbon on Saturday, Sept. 15, at the grand opening of Three Rivers’s newest business, collaboratively known as The Barn, are the stakeholders (from left to right), John Chappell, 3R Velo; Wendy McKellar, Wendy McKellar Art; Erick Sauer, retail manager of the Parks Project; Dayna Higgins, Gathered; and Molly Lawson, Sage Roots.


Photo #2:  Laura Harrison’s fourth/fifth-grade class from Three Rivers School attended the annual California Native American Days education program at Three Rivers Historical Museum on Thursday, Sept. 28. Nearly 700 fourth-grade students, teachers, aides, and chaperones from nearly a dozen schools attended the annual event.


Photo #3:  This tour group from Holland, traveling on rented Harley-Davidson motorcycles, made a pit stop in Three Rivers on Sunday, Sept. 30, en route to Sequoia National Park.


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