Incidents: Backcountry hikers keep NPS rangers busy

Backcountry hikers keep NPS
Two hikers got ledged out on Sawtooth Peak and their calls for help echoed throughout the Mineral King Valley. This time there was a happy ending.


Even in a pandemic there are lots of hikers snapping up the available wilderness permits and heading into the backcountry. With hikers and backpackers, there are bound to be those in need of assistance. 

Division of Visitor, Fire and Resource Protection

Sequoia District:

Ash Mountain
7/4/2020: NPS Rangers responded to a report of two overdue individuals who hiked down to the river from Tunnel Rock. The individuals returned shortly after resources mobilized without injury or request for aid. Backcountry hikers keep NPS

7/3/2020: EMTs responded to a report of a 19-year-old male, from San Luis Obispo, CA, hiking on the High Sierra Trail who was suffering from extreme sickness and was unable to continue walking. With rest and assistance, the patient was assisted back to his vehicle and declined further medical care.

Mineral King
7/3/2020: Rangers responded to two individuals yelling from Sawtooth Peak. They had slid down some rocks and became cliffed-out, unable to continue down. Rescue personnel were planning for mobilization the following morning; however, the two hikers were able to selfextricate. They did not require medical assistance. Backcountry hikers keep NPS

High Sierra
● 7/2/2020: Rangers responded to an SOS activation near Wallace Creek for a 67-year-old female from San Francisco who was suffering from dehydration and extreme fatigue. She was assisted to the Crabtree Meadow camping area where she rested and felt better the following day. Prior to attempting a hike out, her condition deteriorated. She was flown to the Ash Mountain Helibase and transferred to Exeter Ambulance.

● 7/4/2020: Rangers responded to a report of a 37-year-old female with two ankle injuries and asignificant wrist injury. The patient was able to walk with her party of three and a ranger back to Wolverton.

● 7/4/2020: Rangers received a report of a 58-year-old male having a possible heart attack on the Pacific Crest Trail between the Crabtree drainage and the Wallace Creek drainage. Helicopter 552 evacuated the patient to Ash Mountain. The patient was transferred to Sky Life and transported to Kaweah Delta.

● 7/5/2020: Rangers received a report of a 64-year-old male feeling very ill at Guitar Lake. Rangers responded and assessed the patient. Helicopter 552 evacuated the patient to Lone Pine Hospital.

Kings Canyon District:

Grant Grove
● 7/6/2020: Rangers responded to an early morning report of a 51-year-old female with a possible cardiac issue on the Generals Highway near Woodcock Meadow. She was assessed, provided ALS treatment, and transported by NPS ground ambulance to a Sequoia Safety Council paramedic ambulance.

Cedar Grove
7/6/2020: Follow-up on reported vandalism/damage to Knapps Cabin.

Wilderness Branch

• The wilderness office continues to receive about 100-150 wilderness permit reservation requests each day. Processing time is averaging about 3-4 days. Availability     is being updated multiple times each week on the website to reduce applications for dates and trailheads with full quotas.

Notifications are going out to stock users as grazing opening dates are adjusted.

Rangers patrolled Roaring River and the JMT between Kearsarge Pass and Bench Lake.

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