Be on the lookout for skimming machines


The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office has received reports regarding credit/debit card skimming machines found at local businesses in southern Tulare County. While the devices have been removed, the investigation is ongoing. 
Sheriff Mike Boudreaux would like everyone to be aware of these skimming machine schemes and avoid becoming a victim. Here are some tips:
—Try to use the same ATMs with which you’re familiar. You may recognize a subtle difference in detail if a fraudulent overlay has been installed.
—Try to use indoor ATMs rather than outdoor ones.
—Keep an eye on where your card goes if you hand it to a gas station attendant or employee of another business. Many gas station attendants hold customers’ cards until after a transaction to ensure they don’t drive off without paying. 
—Checking bank or credit card statements and balances frequently.
To report suspicious activity, call the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, (559) 733-6218, or send anonymous information via text or email to or by calling (559) 725-4194.

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