Beary hungry


This American black bear (in photo), sporting a distinctive white chest blaze, was perusing the acorn crop at the appropriately named Kaweah Oaks Bicycle Campground in Three Rivers. Bears are a frequent site in Three Rivers this fall with reports during the past couple weeks of bears in the river, bears walking on North Fork Drive, bears on residential rooftops, a bear breaking into a minivan, and a bear taking the leftovers of a mountain lion’s kill. Due to the extended drought, which resulted in a minimal berry crop in the high country this year, bears are in the foothills to subsist on acorns.

A couple of mountain lion sightings were also reported this week, with one feline being held responsible for the predation of two domestic sheep and a goat on neighboring North Fork ranches. Residents should lock up their garbage, food, and all scented items and secure pets and small livestock in order to deter wildlife from entering their property.

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