Best of Kaweah Country


How do I vote?
Visit for the online ballot or use the paper ballot on page 3 in June 8, 2018, issue. (Voting continues through July 15.)
How does The Kaweah Commonwealth pick the Best of Kaweah Country winners?
Our readers select their favorites by casting votes via paper and online ballots. The businesses that receive the most votes win.
Don’t your advertisers automatically win?
Nope. Best of Kaweah Country recognition is based solely on readers’ votes; there is zero connection between advertisers and winners. The fact that some winners happen to be advertisers, or later decide to advertise, does not influence the selections. 
How can my business get on the ballot?
The ballot is a write-in format, meaning we don’t provide multiple-choice options for our readers to choose from. Voters can suggest whatever restaurant, store, person, or service that they deem worthy in each category.
I own a business that deserves an award. How can I win?
Let people know about Best of Kaweah Country voting. Keep ballots at your place of business. Ask employees to submit a completed ballot and encourage your customers to vote for you. 

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