Big L Ranch blueberry harvest: San Joaquins are strong, sweet, and ready to eat


Blueberry picking is not rocket science but it does take a soft touch and require a degree of manual dexterity to pull the ripe berries and leave the ripening ones on the bush.
Jada Lee, renown blueberry farmer and owner of the Big L Ranch, is head of the blueberry harvest and can set up even the novice picker with a basket, to fill — all that’s needed to pick your own organic blueberry goodness.

There’s at least six more weeks in the local blueberry-harvest season, and five varieties of blueberries are ripening and ready to harvest at the Big L Ranch in Woodlake. Jada Lee, organic blueberry farmer, who with her husband, Matt, owns and operates Big L Ranch, will detail each variety as the season progresses through June. 

Here, in Jada’s own words, is the featured variety that is currently ripe for the picking, the San Joaquin:

“We grow five varieties of Southern Highbush blueberries at Big L Ranch. Our latest variety, San Joaquin, begins to ripen mid-May, which means they are coming on quickly now. Some physical attributes of the San Joaquin bush are the bright green leaves and long fruitwood, which will be heavily laden with ripe berries. 
“The San Joaquin berries are very large, nickel and quarter in size are common. They are donut-shaped and very deep blueish-gray in color. The San Joaquin flavor pallet packs a punch! It is strong and sweet, bold and tart. These berries are best eaten fresh! We’ll be picking San Joaquins through mid-June at Big L Ranch. So come on by for some prime picking!”
Big L Ranch blueberry harvest
San Joaquin is a  variety with large fruit that’s sweet, tart, and juicy.

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