Big L Ranch rolls out Harvest Nights and U-pick blueberries

Just when everyone one was about to go plum stir-crazy from cabin fever in this pandemic, along comes the Big L Ranch in Woodlake to launch their Harvest Nights with food, music, and blueberry pickin’ … fun for the whole family. Meet Jada and Matt Lee, owners of the 10-acre farm located south of the St Johns School on Ave 322 on the banks of the Kaweah River. Big L Ranch rolls out

For the past four years, the couple has parlayed their day jobs, Jada is an interior designer, and Matt is a TCOE teacher and head football coach at Orosi High School, into a 10-acre showplace farm. Five acres are devoted to five varieties of organic blues and they are ready for harvesting right now and for the next two months. Big L Ranch rolls out

This Saturday night (May 9), the first Harvest Night of nine consecutive, features the music of Brandon Passion, and pop-up food from Quesadilla Gorilla. Here’s how it works. Blueberry revelers pay $8 at the gate to roam the farm and that includes picking a pound of berries to take home. 

There’s plenty of room to roam and socially distance, and a network of sinks to wash before and after picking. Then sit back (bring a lawn chair) and enjoy the cool river breeze, delicious quesadillas, while listening to some tasty tunes. Big L Ranch rolls out

But don’t let me steal all the thunder. Let Jada and Matt tell you all about it. Part 1 features a little bit about the background of these blueberry farmers and how you grow organic; Part 2 reveals the varieties of these tasty, healthy morsels and the amenities of country living. 

Be sure to watch the end of Part 2 for the big reveal: an honest-to-goodness Three Rivers connection.  Big L Ranch rolls out

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One thought on “Big L Ranch rolls out Harvest Nights and U-pick blueberries

  • May 8, 2020 at 3:38 pm

    This is great reporting John! I’ll certainly take advantage of this opportunity to hear some great Bluegrass🎶 and get the blueberries!
    Thanks so much for the tip about availability at Sage Roots!


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