BLM approves Case Mountain plan


The Bureau of Land Management-Bakersfield Field Office has approved its vegetation and forest health plan for the giant sequoia groves on Case Mountain. The project area is located southeast of Three Rivers and is the only BLM-administered property containing giant sequoias in a system that includes 258 million acres of public lands.
The planning process for project documentation began nearly a year ago with a scoping meeting at St. Anthony Retreat where BLM managers and consultants outlined the purpose and goals of the project.
“We believe partnerships and inclusion are vital to managing sustainable, working public lands,” said Gabe Garcia, Bakersfield field manager. “This 10-year phased approach is a collaborative effort between the BLM and our partners to implement treatments within the wildland urban interface near Three Rivers to ensure these magnificent giant sequoias remain vibrant for generations to come.”
The decision of record was signed Friday, Aug. 31, and initially authorizes roadwork and roadside thinning. 
Next will be mechanized extraction, logging, and cable yarding in the 400-acre “Giant Sequoia Complex.” The groves are within the 18,500-acre Case Mountain Extensive Recreation Area. 
The final phase employs prescribed burning to improve the vegetation and forest health. The unique BLM tract supports six distinct giant sequoia groves, sensitive plants and animals, riverbank ecosystems, and areas of cultural significance.
Those who may be adversely affected by this decision may request a State Director Review within 30 days of this decision. A request for this review can be mailed to: Bureau of Land Management, California State Director, 2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623, Sacramento, CA 95825.
For specific questions and information, call the Bakersfield Field Office, (661) 391-6000.         

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