BOS considers approval of $250K for public restrooms in Three Rivers

When Kuyler Crocker was a candidate for District 1 supervisor in 2016, he laughed out loud at a campaign event when he learned the one thing Three Rivers needed most was public restrooms. Now two years later, the funding for those elusive restrooms is scheduled to be approved at the Tuesday, June 12, Tulare  County Board of  Supervisors meeting. The vote for approval of the construction expenditure of $250,000 is expected to come after a presentation by Eric Coyne, deputy Tulare County administrator for Economic Development, Film and Tourism. 
Coyne said the county will build the restrooms adjacent to Sierra Drive on a parcel owned by the Three Rivers Historical Society, west of the existing Three Rivers Historical Museum. The project is being undertaken as a partnership between the County of Tulare and the Three Rivers Historical Society.
“The County will donate the money to construct the restrooms as its part of the partnership,” Coyne said. “For the Historical Society’s share, they will furnish the site [land value of $75,000], water system, and maintain the restrooms as long as they own the property.” 
The maintenance of the restrooms has  been projected to cost $17 a day over a period of the next 20 years.
Coyne said the project is the first phase of development on the property that will also include  a two-story barn, and completion of the restrooms will fuel fundraising that hopefully will raise another $300,000 to $400,000 that is needed to complete Phase 2.
“We expect the restrooms to be used exclusively by visitors and fulfill plans for a rest stop that has been talked about in Three Rivers for more than 20 years,” Coyne said.

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