Bread Basket laptop recovered


Apparently, a thief or thieves had some second thoughts about the theft of food and property from the Three Rivers Bread Basket. The break-in of the group’s storage trailer that occurred on November 22 disrupted distribution plans right before Thanksgiving but also prompted an outpouring of food and cash from the community.

The stolen food is long gone but the HP laptop and a binder of documents that was also taken in the holiday heist were returned to the nonprofit on Wednesday, Dec. 17.

“Sometimes in these thefts we get help from somebody who notices some stolen property that needs to be returned to its owner,” said Deputy Mark Frick. “Oftentimes we know who committed the crime but we have to have proof to make an arrest.”

Deputy Frick said he hopes more information in the case will be forthcoming but for now the Bread Basket break-in case remains an ongoing investigation.

“There was a felony burglary committed here so when we make an arrest, we’ll have some serious evidence to help get a conviction,” Frick said.

Elizabeth LaMar, program manager of the local Bread Basket, said the laptop and binder contained personal information, contacts, and documentation that is needed to file the group’s tax returns. The laptop also contained records of the transactions with the FoodLink distributor in Visalia, detailing what shipments were received when.

LaMar said some of that information was irreplaceable and that she was happy to receive the recovered property. 

Anyone with information in the case or any local crime should contact Deputy Frick, (559) 740-8894.

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