Bridge remains out on Rae Lakes Loop trail


The Rae Lakes Loop is a popular backpacking route that begins and ends at Roads End in the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park. In the winter of 2016-2017, due to heavy snowfall and high water, a major bridge on the 46-mile route was washed away. 
The bridge spanned the South Fork of the Kings River, a significant waterway. This hindered hikers who planned to hike the loop as well as any who were traveling between Roads End and Woods Creek Crossing in the Kings Canyon backcountry. 
Construction of a replacement bridge is not anticipated to begin before 2019. Depending on conditions, crossing the South Fork of the Kings River can be extremely hazardous. 
Those on the Rae Lakes Loop beginning on the Bubbs Creek trail should plan for the possibility that they may have to backtrack to return to Cedar Grove.

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