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Chump’s DVDs has closed and now gone the way of most videos stores in an industry where streaming movies and content is the new normal. The management company is now readying the property for whomever or whatever comes next at the riverfront business where zoning from the past still allows living quarters. 
The former video store is nestled between Buckaroo Diner and Sierra Subs and Salads. 
Barby’s, an antique and curios store, closed last fall due to the illness of owner-operator Wayne Van Dellen.
Van Dellen, a Woodlake High alum and ex-Marine, relocated his business to Three Rivers after leaving LeMonde in the early 1970s. His wife, Barby, has the riverfront property currently listed for sale.       
It hardly seems possible, but In the Light Urns, Three Rivers residents Rick and Susan Fraser’s highly successful start-up, has been gone now for six months to Visalia. With that move went their 18 employees that were all formerly headquartered in the Red Barn building in the Sierra Real Estate center.
“We outgrew that building faster than expected,” said Rick Fraser. “The convenience of being located near the shipping hubs in Visalia has been a huge boost for our business.”
Nicky and T.R. Bousek, owners of Ol’ Buckaroo, opened their highly anticipated  inside eatery, Buckaroo Diner, two weeks ago to a host of enthusiastic patrons. The opening of the diner in the oft-remodeled streamline moderne building could not have come at a more opportune time.
The stormy weather had been wreaking havoc on Ol’ Buckaroo, the highly successful outdoor food truck operation. Nicky said the local favorite “Taco Night” on Thursdays and other special events will return at to the outdoor venue soon.         
Three Rivers Market has new owners, Kim and Hardeep Mann, who officially took over in January. According to Deep Singh, who is a family friend helping the new owners get settled, it will be several weeks until their makeover is completed.
As soon as the facelift of the old Three Rivers Market inventory is done, there will be a grand reopening to show off new products including fresh produce and some cold-case items too. One thing is for certain, Kim said, customers will be greeted with a friendly smile and there will be a commitment to lowering prices.
With an exception to the commercial zoning now codified, there is a craft-brewing tasting room in the works for the space adjacent to Sage Roots Produce Market. Like any of the riverfront businesses trying meet new State of California water standards, upgrading the old water system is problematic. 
One cost-effective method to comply with the water regulations appears to be a sand filtration system. Buckeye Tree Lodge has been using one for a couple of years and now Buckaroo Diner is too. 
Sierra Lodge is currently in construction with another sand filtration system along Sunset Drive in the rear of their property. The Tulare County Planning Commission approved a variance so a portion of a county road easement could be used.
Apparently, the new water systems are making more new and old businesses viable near the Kaweah River. Today, it’s water filtration; tomorrow it will be water recycling.          

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