Center Stage Strings music camp to leave Three Rivers


Center Stage Strings has grown to have a significant national presence as a summer institute for young musicians and performing artists. We were founded, and for the past six summers have been based, in Three Rivers with a huge support system from this extraordinary community. 

We also found a wonderful home at Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center and St. Anthony Retreat with the beautiful performance chapel.

Looking ahead at the 2016 season, as we struggled to find a way to continue to provide the high-level performance venue that our students and audience deserve, we were unable to resolve scheduling conflicts for using St. Anthony Retreat’s chapel we have come to love.

Because of the complications with scheduling next year’s camp in Three Rivers, we explored all of our options for continuing the summer camp and ultimately a new opportunity emerged. CSS summer institute was invited and will be moving to the beautiful University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus as part of the MPulse Summer Institute run by the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. 

I will be the artistic director of this four-week-long Institute, and we will continue to recruit top-level students to study with our renowned list of faculty in an unforgettable summer experience. This is a big move toward having an even greater national presence.

We cannot emphasize enough how much appreciation we have for the amazing community of Three Rivers, especially the many wonderful supporters who have helped make it all possible since the very beginning. A lot of lives have been touched over these years — students, faculty, performers, and our enthusiastic audiences.

While the educational “camp” component of CSS will be relocating, the spirit of CSS will continue to thrive in Three Rivers with the Center Stage Strings Music Festival, a one-week-long extravaganza of performances and public events. We look forward to this high-intensity Festival featuring CSS alumni, faculty, and guest artists.

Although this announcement of change comes with some sadness, I hope you can all join me in celebrating what you have all helped to create and enjoy the next chapter of this journey. 

I don’t think there is another town in the universe that would have supported this dream to the extent that Three Rivers has. For this, we are eternally grateful and more excited than ever to return to perform for all of you next summer!

Center Stage Strings will remain a nonprofit organization committed to raising scholarships for gifted and deserving students. Thank you for continuing your support and perhaps you can come visit us this summer, whether attending the one-week Performance Festival in Three Rivers or even in Ann Arbor for one of the four weekends during the Summer Institute.



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