Cleaning service for vacation rentals opens in Three Rivers

Every summer season, one of the annual rituals in Three Rivers is the comings and goings on the local business scene. There are at least four new businesses opening and one reopening under new ownership. (Watch this website for more new business news!) One of these new businesses hoping to fill a growing niche is Scenic Route Cleaning Services. Cleaning service for vacation

Like so many small businesses in Three Rivers, this young entrepreneur hopes to provide a vital service, enroll her kids in Three Rivers School, and spend family time here rather than in some town or city elsewhere.

Meet Shelbi Myers, 28, owner of Scenic Cleaning Services. Shelbi and her husband, Dustin, both still work at Lampe Chrysler Dodge in Visalia. That’s where the couple met. Dustin is the sales manager and Shelbi is the finance manager. Cleaning service for vacation

In 2019, the couple bought a house on South Fork Drive, operating it as a vacation rental. Currently, the couple has a second house under contract in the North Fork area and hopes to be relocating permanently from Tulare soon. The couple has two daughters.

In this first video interview with Shelbi, she explains her cleaning company’s work ethic in two words: fast and reliable. Septic overload? No problem because Scenic Cleaning Services can provide off-site laundry. Cleaning service for vacation

For anyone who owns or manages one of the 200-plus vacation rentals in Kaweah Country, take a break and call Scenic Cleaning Services. Shelbi will ensure that, first and foremost, cleaning is fast, reliable, and done to the new standards of a COVID-19 world. 

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