Community Presbyterian Church hosts creation-education expedition

An expedition is a “journey… undertaken by a group of people with a purpose, especially that of exploration or research.” Some expeditions are lengthy and far-ranging, but all expeditions start in homes and communities.

“Expedition: Caring for God’s Creation” is taking place Saturday, Feb. 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at Three Rivers Community Presbyterian Church.

This seminar will explore the Biblical basis for taking good care of creation (the story starts with creation in the book of Genesis, after all!) and looks at the implications of scientific observation and research. Participants will learn about water, soil, and air health, dwindling natural resources, and endangered species and habitats.

There will be opportunities for discussion and suggestions of how people can respond in positive and practical ways to the challenges we are facing as weather patterns change and affect economies, livelihoods and outlooks both local and global.

Todd Slinde of Visalia is the founder of Eagle’s NEST, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing faith-based environmental and conservation education.

The day will be led by Todd Slinde of Eagle’s NEST, founder of this faith-based non-profit organization focused on providing quality creation education leading to better environmental integrity and conservation. Todd conducts seminars in an apolitical and non-judgmental way. He has had a 35-year career in Plant Science, Horticulture, and Sustainability.

A $15 fee for the seminar will cover the cost of lunch, Expedition materials, and helpful ideas for living a more sustainable lifestyle (scholarships are available). 

Three Rivers Community Church is committed to caring for our amazing earth as part of our faith journey, believing that all people are called to be stewards of this world with which we are gifted.

Click here for additional information about Eagle’s NEST.

This article was written by Marilyn Creel, pastor at Community Presbyterian Church in Three Rivers. For more information, she may be reached by calling 559-308-1209. 

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