Cool, dry in Kaweah Country forecast


Foothills residents who ventured outside Saturday morning, Dec. 7, were greeted by frigid temperatures in the mid 20s and the sight of an atypical landscape. Elevations at and above 1,100 feet were cloaked in a white, albeit light dusting of snow.

The fast-moving cold storm (Dec. 6-7) dumped .44 inches of rain in Three Rivers that during the coldest part of the storm fell to the ground as a light powder. Elevations above 9,000 feet received from six inches to more than a foot of the white stuff.

Generally, the formula of rain to snow is that about one inch of rainfall will produce a foot of snow. There are variations to this formula based on temperature and water content.

In California, state water resource managers are rooting for more water content. But forecasters are already predicting a drier than normal winter across the region.

State officials have initiated action seeking a disaster declaration from the federal government that will provide relief for municipalities and farmers who suffer economic hardship as a result of a third consecutive season of drought.

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