Country Properties celebrates 25 years


Country Properties is not a new name to Three Rivers residents. But, recently, they have moved into their new office building located on Sierra Drive near the intersection with Old Three Rivers Drive. 

Ete Rothenberg, owner of Country Properties, has been selling real estate for 30 years. She began her career working with Dave Learned Sr. With his help, Ete received her real estate license in 1985. After learning under Dave’s tutelage, Ete ventured out on her own in 1991. 

Ete opened her first real estate office in Lemon Cove at the old Lemonde miniature golf course. Country Properties was established in April of that year. 

After being at the Lemonde site for 12 years, Ete decided Three Rivers is where her business belonged. The Country Properties office then relocated to Ete’s guest house on Old Three Rivers Road. After becoming established in the Three Rivers community, Ete bought land adjacent to Highway 198.

 “I’ve always had this dream of building an office on Highway 198,” said Ete.

 Ten years later, with lots of help from clients, friends, and her husband, Steve, Ete’s dream became reality. Ete moved into the new building in April 2015. 

Sharon Sheltzer, architect and former Three Rivers resident, designed the building with a Three Rivers style and some custom touches. 

“Every little detail, from the metal work to the redwood window sills, really make this building unique.” Ete said.

Jed Warner from J.F. Warner Construction, who was raised in Three Rivers, took this project on as his first commercial building. 

“Jed could not have done a better job,” said Ete. “I couldn’t be happier with the finished product inside and out.”  

Inside the building, it feels like home. There is an open kitchen, and in the living area there are two desks. On the walls behind each desk are redwood boards that Steve fashioned from wood he has had for 30 years. 

“We had a lot of fun making this new place from top to bottom,” Ete continued. “Watching every step of the process and seeing my dream come to life was really the best part.”

Husband Steve did all the landscaping on the property. He brought in and planted more than 200 native plants from a nursery in Sacramento. 

“I wanted to do the least amount of change to the lay of the land and decided on California native plants,” he explained. “They are dependable, require little water, are superb for erosion control, and good for attracting native wildlife such as bees and birds” said Steve. 

In April, Ete and Steve will be celebrating 25 years of Country Properties. Now in the planning stages is an open house so the public may tour the new office building and enjoy the native plants in bloom.

For more information on any local property or real estate question, call Ete Rothenberg at her office (559) 561-4507 or cell (559) 799-3055, email, or visit the

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