County moves forward on short-term rentals ordinance


At the regular monthly meeting of the Tulare County Planning Commission on Wednesday, Sept. 12, Michael Washam, associate director of the Resource Management Agency, told commissioners that an administrative ordinance regulating the operation of short-term or vacation rentals could go out for public review in late October or early November of 2018. 
A “Three Rivers only” ordinance was initially proposed but staff from the tax collector’s office said they would prefer a county-wide ordinance. The highest per capita rate of short- term rentals in the county exist in Three Rivers so the push for a regulatory ordinance came as a result of public meetings where some Three Rivers residents expressed concern of what might happen if the properties continue to operate unregulated.
Washam said the ordinance will contain policies to establish minimum standards for operating short-term rentals. Two points of discussion have been that the number of guests should not exceed the capacity of the septic systems and adequate parking should be available.
Among remaining issues are how properties can be inspected and the findings coordinated with the building department to check existing permits. Also yet to be determined what, if any, licensing or permit fees are appropriate to charge to pay for staff time.        

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