Crime in Three Rivers: Hard times call for desperate measures

Crime in Three Rivers
A couple of years back, a thief broke into the Bread Basket at the Three Rivers Arts Center during Thanksgiving week and stole 50 turkeys intended for the holiday table of 50 needy families. Fortunately, donors stepped forward to cover the losses on the day before the traditional celebration. Hard times call for desperate measures and the COVID-19 pandemic is creating hard times for unprecedented numbers.


At the beginning of COVID (early March) in Tulare County there occurred in Three Rivers what TCSO detectives refer to as a “slight rash” of burglaries. None of these burglaries amounted to much more than petty thefts. Collectively, these thefts began to add up.

A suspect was apprehended and ended up being a homeless man who the TCSO deemed it prudent to furnish a place to stay. He was charged with “theft during a pandemic” and, as a result, remains in custody with no eligibility for the Zero Dollar Bail program. Crime in Three Rivers

In the past two weeks, typical of the onset of the busy season, there have been two thefts defined more as break-ins. One was classified as Grand Theft: someone took some yard tools, a blower, and a weed eater from an open carport.  Because the value of the stolen items exceeded $950, this crime was considered Grand Theft. 

In a separate incident, someone committed a “kick in” at a vacant vacation rental. In this theft, a TV was stolen valued at $80. There has not been a single burglary since the suspect was arrested in March. Crime in Three Rivers

A pandemic, however, is no time to become complacent. In past years, each of these crimes have been committed before and no crime should be taken lightly. These petty thefts easily could have been grand theft and are made to look more like home invasions on social media sites which they are not.

Let these recent crimes be your wake-up call Three Rivers. Lock up all valuables including tools and other household items and remove them from plain sight. If you own or operate a vacation rental, install a security camera on the premises and you or someone nearby check your property often.

In Three Rivers, crime does not exist relative to nearby cities like Visalia and Fresno. Let’s all do diligence to keep it that way. 

    Crime in Three Rivers

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2 thoughts on “Crime in Three Rivers: Hard times call for desperate measures

  • July 25, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    It appears that information regarding recent local thefts didn’t make the news. At least one bicycle was stolen and other things as posted on Three Rivers FaceBook sites.

    • July 25, 2020 at 10:51 pm

      Nadine: 3RNews reports come directly from Sheriff Boudreaux’s office. There was either no police report on the theft or somebody didn’t think it was important enough to follow up. Social media sources often have leads but are
      not a definitive source. JE


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