Dog suspected in fatal attack is in custody


When Manuel Guzman’s five-year-old German shepherd died Monday, Sept. 17, from wounds suffered in a mauling from what he described as a large pit bull, he had no idea how difficult it would be to get Tulare County Animal Control to service the case. First, he was told that if an officer was sent out to the Cherokee Oaks neighborhood in Three Rivers where the attack took place, the subject dog must be readily available or an address must be provided where the dog’s owner lives.
The dispatcher told Guzman, according to a written statement he provided, to drive around, knock on doors, and ask people who live nearby if they had seen the pit bull and the two other dogs that were seen on the night of the attack. After spending parts of the next several days asking everyone he met, Guzman got a fix on a Ferndale address nearby his home in Cherokee Oaks. 
On Friday, Sept. 21, four days after the attack had occurred, two officers showed up at separate times. By the time the second officer, Oren Hartley, arrived at 1 p.m., Guzman had a positive identification on the Ferndale address. 
A short time later, Hartley informed Guzman that he had collected the subject dog. Hartley told Guzman that the owners of the dog had indicated they would ask for a formal hearing “to resolve issues” in the case. 
“The dog identified as mauling the German shepherd was taken into custody Friday afternoon [Sept. 21],” said Patrick Hamblin, manager of Animal Control Services, in an email. “The Animal Owner submitted the paperwork requesting a hearing. The hearing took place this morning [Thursday, Sept. 27] and the Hearing Officer will have 10 days to issue a ruling. Until a ruling is issued, the dog will remain in our custody.” 
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