Driver injured after running off MK Road


A 30-year-old man from Tulare survived a brush with death on Saturday, Oct. 4, after his 2011 Volkswagen Jetta ran off the Mineral King Road and crashed into a ravine. The victim, whose name was not released in the preliminary accident report, was reportedly en route up the mountain road to work.

The call to California Highway Patrol dispatch came in at 11 p.m. It is not known if the victim got back up to the road unassisted or was helped out of the wreckage. An investigating CHP officer estimated that the vehicle came to a stop about 100 feet down the embankment.

The man suffered several bumps and bruises but was not seriously injured. 

The accident occurred approximately three miles below the Oak Grove Bridge (or approximately 3.5 miles from Highway 198).

The mangled vehicle was extricated from the ravine and towed down the mountain the next morning (Sunday, Oct. 5).          

“I saw what that car looked like, and he was lucky to be alive,” said one of the man’s co-workers. 

The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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