Drone’s-eye tour of the Middle Fork: Hawk Hollow to Dinely Bridge

Drone video by SkyHigh Innovations of Three Rivers, Calif.

Heading east from the Three Rivers Historical Museum, the canyon narrows and the highway veers southeast. On the south side of the highway are several residences situated on land formerly owned by Walter Fry, the first civilian superintendent of Sequoia National Park (1914-1920).

Fry’s home place and surrounding acreage became known as “Frys.” A century ago, Fry’s house was the headquarters of Sequoia National Park.

His granddaughter, Jessie Bequette (1906-2010), who lived with her grandparents there during those years, described Frys as the civic and social heartbeat of Three Rivers. While Walter Fry was in the park during the summer of 1917, the house was destroyed by a fire and with it a collection of Sequoia National Park’s earliest archives.

Another Walter Fry house was built on the same site in 1918 and existed there for many years. Frys was also the original site of the Sulfur Springs School, later moved across the river to its present location near the Airport Bridge. In the 1990s, Tod Johnson built new homes in the Frys locale and named the place Hawk Hollow.

Above Hawk Hollow, there are scattered residences visible but the steep hill obscures the locale of the Three Rivers Memorial Building (built in 1954) directly across Sierra Drive (Hwy. 198) from the Dinely Bridge. The bridge and road are named for Clarence Dinely, a musician of some renown, who brought the first piano to Three Rivers in the late 19th century.

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2 thoughts on “Drone’s-eye tour of the Middle Fork: Hawk Hollow to Dinely Bridge

  • February 28, 2020 at 7:13 am

    Not seeing DInely Bridge –

  • February 28, 2020 at 7:51 am

    As the great-great granddaughter of Walter Fry, I really loved the “Hawks” eye view of the original tract of property my family once owned. A three acre parcel with a small home is still in our families’ possession, and we treasure the time we are able to spend in lovely Three Rivers. Thank you for this fly-over tour of the area, looking forward to future arial tours of other areas! Keep up the great work at 3RiversNews.com!


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