Election 2020: Biden, Mangone, and Crocker are Three Rivers winners

Election 2020: Biden

The lone Three Rivers polling place was open on Election Day  November 3, 2020. A total of 285 Three Rivers voters chose to cast their ballots at the polling place; 1170 voted by mail.

Election 2020: A look inside the Three Rivers numbers

To be declared a winner, in a national or statewide race, or even a District 1 supervisor’s contest in Tulare County, a candidate must carry more than the couple of Three Rivers precincts. Locally there are always some races of interest because on election day Three Rivers marches to the beat of a different drummer.  Election Day 2020 was no exception. Election 2020: Biden

There are 1,601 registered voters in Three Rivers. In this year’s presidential election, 285 local voters elected to vote at the polling place (Three Rivers Memorial Building) and 1,170 voted by mail. Three Rivers is divided into two precincts 199306 and 199307. The lower number precinct consists of all the registered voters who live on the south side of Highway 198; the 307 precinct consists of all the voters who live north of Highway 198. Election 2020: Biden

Tulare County’s 2020 election was certified by Michelle Baldwin, Registrar of Voters, on Monday, November 30. In the 2020 election, Tulare County voter turnout was 74.53 percent; in Three Rivers, voter turnout was 90 percent. 

President and Vice President

But the higher turnout was just one area where local voters bucked the countywide trend. In the race for president, Three Rivers voted for Biden-Harris 757 to 649 for Trump-Pence. Conversely, Tulare County voters chose Trump-Pence by almost the same margin 52 percent to 48 percent for Biden-Harris.Election 2020: Biden

U.S. Representative District 23

In the race for Congress in the 23rd district that includes Three Rivers, Democratic challenger Kim Mangone received 715 votes to 683 for incumbent and minority congressional leader, Kevin McCarthy. In the rest of the district in Tulare County outside of Three Rivers, McCarthy was the leading vote-getter at a 57 percent clip, the margin he won by district-wide.   

Member of State Assembly District 23 

Jim Patterson was reelected and ran unopposed.     

Supervisor District 1

Here was another instance where Three Rivers voters bucked a district-wide trend. Crocker, the incumbent who will always be known as the supervisor who helped Three Rivers build public restrooms, bested challenger Larry Micari 650-635. Micari, a retired deputy from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, who lives outside of Exeter, won the district-wide race 15,872 votes to 13,087 for Crocker and will officially take office on January 5, 2021.  Election 2020: Biden

Woodlake Unified School Board 

Here was the race where the was some confusion stemming from the fact that the boundaries of this area are poorly understood because they include the part of Three Rivers that is north of Highway 198 and a portion of Woodlake too. In the Three Rivers portion of the area, incumbent Edmund Pena the eventual winner received 185 votes while the two challengers Gonzalez and Taylor divided the other 100 votes that were cast in the Three Rivers portion of the area. 

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