Election 2020: Counting Tulare County’s votes

Michelle Baldwin: Tulare County Registrar of Voters

With accusations of “widespread voter fraud” and the challenges posed by voting in a pandemic, there was added pressure on Tulare County’s Registrar of Voters in this current election cycle to get it right. Meet Michelle Baldwin, a 28-year Tulare County employee and, since 2016, the Registrar of Voters. Election 2020: Counting Tulare

Being in charge of counting all the votes and on the lookout for impropriety is arguably the most important among all government jobs in America. After all, voting is the cornerstone of democracy in these United States. To ensure that the process is both thorough and equitable, there is a Registrar of Voters in every county in all 50 states and some territories too.

In this 3R News video interview, Baldwin updates a complicated process and reveals how and when the last of the several thousand ballots will be counted. State law requires that every vote must be counted and the election certified by December 3, 2020, one month after Election Day. Baldwin says Tulare County is on track to finish early with more than 180,000 votes in the final tally.

Micari is the apparent winner for District 1 Supervisor 

In the local race that matters most to Kaweah Country and Three Rivers, it appears that challenger Larry Micari (Exeter) has defeated one-term incumbent Kuyler Crocker (Strathmore) for the District 1 Supervisor seat on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors. With 74.13 percent of the votes counted, Micari had 15,625 votes to Crocker’s 12,908. While Crocker is not mathematically eliminated, it is not likely that he can close that gap and be declared the winner. Election 2020: Counting Tulare

Pena is apparent winner for Woodlake Unified School District 

In the race for Woodlake Unified School Board Member for Area F (includes part of Three Rivers), Edmund Pena of Three Rivers, the longtime incumbent, appears to have won reelection with 79 percent of the votes counted. Pena received 328 votes; Veronica Gonzales 232; and Dean Taylor 173. Election 2020: Counting Tulare

After the election is certified, 3R News will break down all the races and reveal how Three Rivers voted.  Election 2020: Counting Tulare


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