Entrants accelerating at Woodlake Car Show


A diverse group from the Central Valley and beyond came together once again to celebrate their shared love of classic American metal at the 17th annual Woodlake Car Show. On Saturday, July 16, proud owners of everything from street rods to bicycles were given a year’s worth of bragging rights and the trophies to prove it. First-place winner Jesse Garcia stood next to his 1971 Monte Carlo and captured the spirit of the day. 

“This event brings the community together,” said the Car Show champ. “This is how it’s supposed to be. Everyone is laughing and having a great time. This event is a big deal for car fans.  We are all here out of passion and love.”

The event is unique in the local car show world because winners are awarded in 30 classes.  

“The Visalia Car Show is great but there are only about five categories, said Vicente Nunez, two-time first-place winner for Best Paint Job. 

“Here, every year, you can find something new,” he continued. “Many come from the coast or even out-of-state to win.” 

Having so many award categories ensures a greater number of entrants. It also guarantees enough diversity to please all car-show attendees. 

“Over the years I’ve noticed more muscle cars coming in,” said Danny Ozcoidi, a 15-year-participant of the show and this year’s winner in the classic Street Rod category. It used to be predominantly street rods but now we have everything. You can see a 1957 Bel Air next to a 1929 Ford hot rod next to a 1968 Karmann Ghia.”  

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