Flora Bella Farm in Three Rivers


It doesn’t take a visit to the doctor or nutritionist to know that most Americans need to eat more fruits and vegetables. But just as important is that the produce should be organically grown, use natural fertilizers, and processed without pesticides or the use of GMOs.
Community-based organic agriculture was practically invented right here in Three Rivers. Flora Bella’s certified organic summer bounty is available right now to locals and visitors at their self-serve produce stand. Summer’s finest tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, cherries, and apricots are at just-picked freshness right now and the peak of their flavor.
Got arugula? Flora Bella does and supplies more than 1,500 bunches weekly to L.A. area chefs. Why? Because its crunchy, smoked taste brings out an explosion of flavor in salads or any dish to which it is added. Martha Stewart, food guru, has called Flora Bella’s arugula simply the best available anywhere. Eat more fruits and veggies; it's easy because Flora Bella’s produce stand is stocked and open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

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