Free webinar offer by Aging in Community


‘The Grace in Dying’: A free webinar

Choose from one of the following dates to attend:

Thursday, April 28, 6:30-8:30 pm

Tuesday, May 3, 1-3 pm

Thursday, May 12, 10 am-noon

St. Anthony Retreat

Free; open to the public

Sponsored by St. Anthony Retreat and Aging in Community-3R


* * *


With shared interest and commitment, St. Anthony Retreat Center and Aging in Community-Three Rivers offer a rare opportunity to hear author Kathleen Dowling Singh give a talk based on her celebrated book, The Grace in Dying: How We Are Transformed Spiritually as We Die. Three dates are offered at the Retreat, in the form of a free webinar (pre-recorded lecture) followed by discussion. 

Everyone is invited to attend and welcome to bring friends and loved ones. The essence of the book, and the webinar, is that we are safe to die. 

Having served at the bedside of hundreds of ordinary people as they were dying, and from the standpoint of transpersonal psychology, the author reveals a treasure trove of wisdom. She manages to take some of the fear out of dying by observing death as an ever-deepening movement into mystery and majesty. 

She discusses the “Three Incredible Tasks of the Human Person”: contemplating our own mortality, emptying the mind as a sacrament of surrender, and letting the fruits of grace be realized in our lives. Grace is her favorite word — she chooses that word because it is ecumenical. 

“Grace longs for us to come back home,” she said. 

The author shares many stories of her experiences with the dying, illustrating that “just as fish are meant for swimming, and birds are meant for flying, human beings are meant for enlightenment.” 

Please join us and learn why this author has been recognized as having written a masterpiece.

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