FYE Sports: A fitness resolution in 2021


2021: Get fit and stay fit

Of all the negatives of trying to survive a pandemic, it has afforded lots of folks more time for self-improvement. In Kaweah Country that means going outside and doing something: walking, hiking, running, cycling, yoga — in other words getting physical and exercising. And to go outside, and feel and do your best, you need to gear up! 

Tulare County has longed lacked one store where sports enthusiasts could try on shoes, pick out a pack, buy a yoga mat or foam roller, choose from nutrition products for any workout, and purchase apparel for nearly every activity. At FYE Sports in Downtown Exeter what you see is a lot of product but not entirely what you get.

That’s because FYE is evolving from an upstart running and weightlifting store to so much more. 

“The response to our move to the new location on Pine Street in Downtown Exeter has really allowed us to see where we are going,” said Michael Young, one of the principals of a family owned business. “Customers are dropping in from far and near and we’re listening to what they want and if we dont’t have it we’ll do our best to get it and that means were ordering lots of new products.”

Unlike so many start-up retailers who use up all their reserve capital on just getting the doors open Young says they are charting a different course at FYE. They always planned to cater to runners and fitness fanatics, but being able to sell online and have a cost effective retail space, there are no limits on where FYE Sports might go. Every dollar of profit goes right back into the inventory. 

“We’re seeing in our first year in business that running is our foundation but the growing demand is for all types of outdoor sports and gear,” Young said. “With online sales boosting our revenue, and plenty of space for retail inventory, there are no limits where we might go with this store.”

So head on in for a visit to FYE Sports in Downtown Exeter and check out all the cool gear at the best prices. All employees and customers are masked and practice social distancing to keep everyone safe. FYE Sports is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information call 559.823.5835 or log on to: www.fyesportsshop.com.  

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