Generals Highway road construction to resume


After a  winter hiatus, the current phase of road construction on the historic Generals Highway in Sequoia National Park is set to resume Monday, March 26. The work is taking place on a steep, narrow  one-mile segment between Amphitheater Point and Crystal Cave Road. 
Delays will be up to an hour on Mondays through Thursdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Traffic will be guided through the construction zone at the top of each hour; uphill travelers first.
Stop in at the Foothills Visitor Center at the park entrance or at Giant Forest Museum for assistance in timing the drive to minimize the wait.
Location: A 1-mile section between the Amphitheater Point Overlook (11 miles from the Sequoia National Park entrance station in Three Rivers) and Crystal Cave Road. 
This schedule is approximate and subject to change:
Monday-Thursday, 7 am-7 pm: Traffic allowed to pass at the top of each hour; uphill traffic first.
Monday-Thursday, 6 am-7am and 7-8 pm: Traffic controlled by lights timed at 20 minutes. 
Monday-Thursday, 8 pm-6 am: Road closed with pass-throughs allowed at 8 pm and 11:30 pm only.
Weekends — Friday, 7 pm-Monday, 7 am: If there are two open lanes: no delays. If there is just one usable lane: traffic controlled by lights with delays of 20 minutes or less.
NOTICE— Vehicles longer than 22 feet will be prohibited between Hospital Rock and Giant Forest Museum during construction.
Save time waiting in a lineup by timing how long it takes to get to the Amphitheater Point-Crystal Cave Road construction zone. 
Driving times from:
-Foothills Visitor Center to the construction zone (11 miles)— 35 minutes.
-Hospital Rock Picnic Area to the construction zone (6 miles)—  15 minutes.
-Giant Forest Museum to construction zone (3 miles)— 10 minutes.
-Lodgepole Village to construction zone (7.5 miles)— 20 minutes.
-Wuksachi Lodge to construction zone (10 miles)— 25 minutes.
Uphill traffic goes through the construction zone first.

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