Hana Gabrielova: Hemp pioneer and global consultant

In this the first in a series dealing with the coming of the industrial hemp culture to Tulare County, Hana Gabrielova, from the Czech Republic is excited to share her three decades of experience with anyone, anywhere in the world.

And why not.  Growing hemp is nothing new to Europe or even in America for that matter. George Washington grew hemp. After the invention of Eli Whitney’s cotton gin (1793), slave owners turned away from hemp as cotton for textiles supplanted one of the primary uses for hemp.

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Other inventions in lumbering and the development of plastics eventually took over those sectors of the hemp economy. But in many parts of the world, hemp remained one of the biggest cash crops.

Today, the hemp industry has come full circle in the U.S. with the legalization of cannabis turning the nation’s attention once more to industrial hemp. Ms. Gabrielova now finds herself in the enviable position of being an expert in an industry that is exploding worldwide.

Why, she explains, because there are thousands of applications, many of which could lessen the impact of climate change and feed a hungry planet. Like other revolutionary changes, at first they are difficult to grasp while so many are resistant to change.

But Hana, the keynote speaker at the 53rd World Ag Expo knows hemp is not marijuana and change in Tulare County’s agriculture is coming whether we embrace it or not.

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