Hazardous debris being removed from Kaweah River's Middle Fork


Taking advantage of the lowest water levels of the year, several river users have been spending many hours assessing and cleaning dangerous debris from the Kaweah River. 

In the Cateye Rapid, about one-third of a mile below the Dinely Bridge, a low-hanging branch was removed. A 16-foot log near the Gateway Rapid below the Pumpkin Hollow Bridge was also cut up and hauled out.

“This log was a death trap had a kayaker or rafter been out of their boat and drifted into it,” said Bill Pooley of Three Rivers.

Bill is currently working with SCE to remove a hazardous piece of steel in the Pumpkin Hollow area. The hazard, as well as one other — a piece of steel truss lodged on the upstream pier of the Pumpkin Hollow Bridge — was inspected by SCE representatives on Thursday, Dec. 26. Bill reported that SCE is committed to removing the debris before the water rises.  

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