Hey Hikers: Check in on time and don't separate from your group!

Weekly incidents at Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks


Ash Mountain
Check in on time• 7/9/2020: Rangers received a report of a 16-year-old female from Three Rivers who slipped and fell approximately 15 feet into the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River. The patient was described to have bruising around her kidneys, and there was a concern the patient would go into shock. Rangers responded and evaluated the patient. She was accompanied to the road where care was transferred to Exeter Ambulance. She refused further care. Check in on time
• 7/12/2020: Rangers received a report of a 31-year-old male who appeared to be intoxicated at the Ash Mountain Entrance Station. Rangers contacted the subject parking his vehicle near the Visitor Center, where they found open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. The driver performed poorly on field sobriety tasks and was arrested for driving under the influence.
• 7/12/2020: Rangers responded to a report of a disabled vehicle blocking traffic at Amphitheater Point. Upon arrival the vehicle had been moved to a pullout. Rangers contacted a national tow insurance company for the individual. The tow never arrived. The subject was then transported to a phone to make arrangements again the following morning. Check in on time
Check in on time• 7/8/2020: Rangers received a request from Tulare County Ambulance Dispatch to respond to Stony Creek Campground for a 61-year-old female experiencing “diabetes related pain.” She was assessed and care was transferred to an ALS ambulance from Sequoia Safety Council.
• 7/8/2020: Rangers responded to a report of a female with lacerations to her hand in the Lodgepole Campground. The patient was transported by ambulance to the hospital.
• 7/10/2020: Rangers responded to Wuksachi Conference Room for a 34-year-old female with a laceration to her right hand from a trash compactor. Laceration was assessed, bandaged, and patient refused transport. Check in on time
• 7/12/2020: Rangers responded to a separated party at Pinewood Picnic Area. The separated individuals never made it to their rendezvous point at General Sherman Tree and were waiting for the third group member to “find them.” Rangers quickly located the party’s vehicle parked at Upper Sherman and shortly after the third group member was spotted by transportation employees. The third group member was informed of the separated individual’s location.
Mineral King
• 7/12/20: A 23-year-old male was hiking in the wilderness near Little Five Lakes when he became separated from the rest of his hiking party. The party attempted to locate him, and then reported him missing to the ranger. An investigation, containment, and hasty search were employed after 6 hours of separation. The parties were reunited later that evening. Check in on time
High Sierra
• 7/6/2020: Rangers fielded a call from the mother of a 32-year-old female from Moab, Utah, and her 31-year-old male companion from Twentynine Palms, Calif., who failed to check in with her. They were not due out until July 18. Rangers waited them out, and the pair called the mother to advise they were okay. No action was taken.
• 7/12/2020: Rangers responded to an SOS activation of a satellite device stating that a group had been separated from a 15-year-old male in the Kern Canyon. The group was given direction to continue searching while rangers were mobilized. The SOS was cancelled, and rangers confirmed the group had reunited.
• 7/12/2020: Rangers responded to a satellite device report of a 28-year-old male who had been vomiting uncontrollably at Guitar Lake. The ranger located the subject and found his condition improved. Check in on time


Grant Grove
• 7/6/2020: Rangers responded to Montecito Resort for the report of a female patient having a possible heart attack. Patient was transported by ALS ambulance.
• 7/9/2020: A ranger was requested by County of Tulare to do an in-person death notification at the inholding of Wilsonia. The ranger was able to make contact with the next of kin.
Sierra Crest
• 7/6/2020: The family of southbound PCT hikers requested assistance locating the hikers as they had not checked in on time. Check in on timeA “Be on the lookout” was put out. The family recontacted the park to state that no further assistance was needed. Check in on time
• 7/6/2020: A 50-year-old PCT hiker with a leg injury was assisted by a backcountry ranger near LeConte ranger station. The man was able to self-evacuate.
Cedar Grove
• 7/11/2020: Rangers provided incident command and an ALS provider for a backcountry medivac involving a 60-year-old male with a hyperglycemic emergency at Kearsarge Lakes. A backcountry ranger and Helicopter 552 responded, provided advanced life support care, and flew the patient to Makenzie helispot where he was transferred to Community Medical Center Fresno via ground ambulance.
Wilderness Branch
• The wilderness office continues to receive about 100-150 wilderness permit reservation requests each day. Processing time is averaging about 3-4 days. Availability is being updated multiple times each week on the website to reduce applications for dates and trailheads with full quotas.
• Notifications are going out to stock users as grazing opening dates are adjusted.
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