HHSA releases Three Rivers COVID-19 case numbers

HHSA releases Three Rivers
A portable testing site was set up at the Tulare County Government Center on South Mooney Blvd. during the week before the election. The tests are free and results are made available via text within 24-36 hours. Check the HHSA website for current locations or call the HHSA for more information at 800-834-7121.

After being being grouped with other mountain communities in eastern Tulare County for the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic, on Thursday, December 3, Tulare County epidemiologists released specific case numbers for Three Rivers. From March 15 until November 13, there were 16 positive cases recorded among residents of Three Rivers. HHSA releases Three Rivers

The HHSA (Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency) release is somewhat incomplete because it does not list the date of the first case nor does it contain the number of cases in the last three weeks. An HHSA spokesperson did confirm that there were additional positive cases in the last three weeks though the number falls below the state’s threshold of 11 to be released for small towns. The Three Rivers data were made public at the urging of 3RNews. HHSA releases Three Rivers

The local numbers, when factoring in four additional positive cases since November 13, may be estimated that the case rate in Three Rivers is one percent or equivalent to one person in every 100 among local residents has tested positive for the coronavirus. But don’t underestimate the seriousness of those statistics because of the lag time for COVID-19 to reach isolated communities, and the fact that many of the transients — travelers and workers — are being tested in other locales. 

One Three Rivers death has been attributed to COVID-19 and that occurred in August. HHSA releases Three Rivers

The odds are that case numbers in the coming weeks will spike in Three Rivers, and the current one percent will end up being more in line more with the averages in Tulare County, which is 4.6 percent; California, 4 percent; and the U.S. at 4.4 percent.      HHSA releases Three Rivers

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