High water continues to create obstacles for hikers


Sequoia National Park
High Sierra
June 23— A 31-year-old male became ill near Crabtree Ranger Station complaining of difficulty breathing. He was assessed by wilderness rangers and determined to be a critical patient. He was evacuated by air to the helibase and transported to Kaweah Delta by ground ambulance.
Mineral King
June 16— A vehicle drove off the road near High Bridge. The driver lost control of the vehicle and was pinned against a tree but not injured. There were no passengers.
Kings Canyon National Park
Grant Grove
Rangers provided EMS care and transportation to a 40-year-old female who broke her ankle along the Grant Tree Trail.  
Rangers contacted a group from Sequoia Lake “target practicing” at Panoramic Point with air guns. They had set up a number of their empty beer cans near the overlook to use as targets. One of the group was cited for creating a hazardous condition and all were warned for the use of weapons. 
A group of campers in Crystal Springs were issued three citations for chopping down a four-inch-diameter cedar tree, failing to restrain their dogs, and spreading a large quantity of powdered bleach around their campsite in an attempt to repel ants.
Sierra Crest
June 23— Mobilization flights took place for the McClure, LeConte, Bench, Rae Lakes, and Charlotte Lake wilderness ranger stations.
Cedar Grove
June 19— Rangers were advised of multiple backpacker groups, totaling about a dozen people, who were stranded on the Bubbs Creek trail between the Bailey Bridge and the Bubbs Creek switchbacks. Hot weather had caused Bubbs Creek to rise, stranding the hikers. Helicopter-552 dropped food and instructions to wait until water levels dropped before crossing. The hikers were able to cross on the afternoons of June 20 and 21. The Sierra Crest sub-district ranger was Incident Commander for this operation.
A male visitor reportedly had a tree fall on him while on a trail.  He suffered a laceration to his eyelid, but refused treatment and transported himself to the doctor against medical advice.

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