Hiker rescued from Twin Lakes trail in Sequoia

Training for park rangers at Sequoia National Park can pay off in a number of ways. This week, rangers were definitely training in the right place at the right time.

At 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, May 14, an emergency call for help came into dispatch with a report of a hiker on the Twin Lakes Trail in respiratory distress. Within minutes, a team of search-and-rescue rangers training at nearby Lodgepole were running up the trail to provide assistance.

When Sequoia rangers reached the scene at 8,400 feet elevation, they found several members of the 13-year-old hiker’s school group attempting to administer CPR. The rangers took charge of the medical aid and immediately ordered the park’s Life Flight helicopter. 

Once it was determined where the chopper could land, park rangers prepared a litter for the female victim. The patient was then carried approximately one mile to the landing spot.

The young hiker from the Bay Area was transported via the helicopter to the helipad completed last year at the Kaweah Delta Medical Center. The helipad was built for this type of emergency to lessen the flight time to Fresno.

The current condition of the hiker was not made public.   

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