Holiday incidents in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks



Ash Mountain

January 2: At the entrance to Sequoia National Park, there were delays of 45 to 60 minutes between 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

January 3: Sunday ended 11 consecutive days of staffed chain control with 1 to 2-hour delays at the chain control areas on Fridays and Saturdays. Additional storms and icy conditions also required chain control at times later in the week. 



December 29: An overdue hiker was reported at Wolverton. The hiker made his way back to Wolverton prior to a search.

December 30: There were two falls on ice that occurred on the Sherman Tree Trail stairs. Both required an emergency medical services response.

December 30: A patient at Wuksachi was transported by ambulance due to a diabetic emergency.

January 1: A sledding incident at Wolverton resulted in a fractured leg. The patient was transported by ambulance.

January 1: A sledding incident at Wolverton resulted in a back injury. The patient was transported by ambulance.

January 2: A sledding incident at Wolverton resulted in a 50-year-old female with a dislocated shoulder. A request was made via 911 for EMS response but cancelled. The patient planned to transport to the hospital by private vehicle.



Grant Grove

December 29: Rangers provided assistance to the U.S. Forest Service after visitors became stranded on Ten Mile Road. A family of four spent the night alongside their vehicle after getting stuck in the snow while attempting to drive from Hume Lake to Quail Flat on the unmaintained road. A friend who attempted to help them also got stuck and spent the night in his car.

January 1: A ranger discovered a vehicle off the road just south of Grant Grove Village. The three occupants were uninjured and reported that the vehicle had spun out on the icy road. A tow truck was required to pull the car 20 yards up to the road.

January 1-2: Wait times at the Big Stump entrance were up to an hour on both days. 

January 1-2: Grant Grove was overwhelmed by people coming for snowplay over the weekend. By 10 a.m. on both days, parking was full between Big Stump Entrance and the North Boundary. Traffic began to build up along roadways. Rangers closed the Grant Tree Road, but the steady flow of traffic into the area caused many spaces to be double-parked throughout the day. This was particularly problematic in the village, where visitors were denied timely access to their rooms or other services.

January 3: Rangers investigated a report of a person injured due to a sledding accident. They found the man being assisted to a vehicle, but he refused treatment.

January 3: Law enforcement and maintenance staff provided assistance to a group of four-wheel enthusiasts who got stuck on Ten Mile Road.

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