Holiday shopping in Three Rivers


Shopping locally is important during the holiday season, for sure. But remembering local businesses all year long ensures they and others are here when the next holiday rolls around.

Here are five reasons why local business owners say your money should be spent at their locations.

Community involvement. Local business owners donate to nonprofit organizations and their events, belong to local clubs, have children in the school, own property, and more, which are all ways that they assist with a functioning small-town economy.

Price isn't everything. It’s cheaper online. The big-box stores offer deep discounts. But what about quality? Those corporations you are handing your money to in the name of convenience, where are they investing those dollars? What are the working conditions of those in the overseas factories that are making the items? And factor in the cost of gas, the time wasted at stoplights and in checkout lines and those cheap prices just took a hike.

One-of-a-kind items. Why spend money on a bunch of plastic products when a shopper can find unique gift ideas just minutes from their home?

Shopping local bridges the gap. There are two seasons in Three Rivers: Tourist season and not. It’s important to help local business owners during the winter so they can pay the bills until tourist season rolls around again next spring.

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