Incidents at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: October 16 – 22


Generals Highway Road Construction: Minimize Delays
(Notice: Use this schedule with the information above in the photo caption regarding delays)
Save time waiting in a lineup by timing how long it takes to get to the Amphitheater Point-Crystal Cave Road construction zone. 
Driving times from:
Foothills Visitor Center to the construction zone (11 miles)— 35 minutes.
Hospital Rock Picnic Area to the construction zone (6 miles)—  15 minutes.
Giant Forest Museum to construction zone (3 miles)— 10 minutes.
Lodgepole Village to construction zone (7.5 miles)— 20 minutes.
Wuksachi Lodge to construction zone (10 miles)— 25 minutes.
Uphill traffic goes through the construction zone first, buying some extra time for downhill travelers to get into position.
* * *



—Rangers transported a child with a head laceration from a fall.
—Rangers assisted bear techs with a bear that was seen by concession employees getting food in their housing area.
—A woman was pinned between vehicles as one car was backing up.
October 17— A 47-year-old male was reported overdue in the Mt. Goddard area of north Kings Canyon National Park. Sequoia -Kings Canyon and Fresno County inserted search teams and deployed helicopters in search of the missing party. He was located, safe and unharmed.
Fire Management Branch:
—Fire staff completed ignitions on Cedar East Prescribed Burn.
—The helicopter contract is complete for the season. It has returned to the vendor until next season.
—The Lost Grove Prescribed Burn is pending.
Wilderness Branch:
—Wilderness web pages are undergoing changes and updates. 

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