Incidents at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


May 31 – June 5




Ash Mountain

June 4—  The near-drowning at Hospital Rock (see page 1).

June 5— A 20-year-old male and a 25-year-old male were swimming in the Kaweah River near Hospital Rock. They were pulled by the current and forced to find safety on the opposite side of the river. A swiftwater rescue response was initiated. 

The area where they were was not safely accessible by land. Rescue swimmers crossed the river approximately a quarter-mile upstream and escorted the men to the crossing location and back across the river on river boards. There were no injuries.



June 2— A 24-year-old male suffered from injuries to his head and shoulder after apparently falling somewhere on the Tokopah Falls Trail. He did not remember the event. He was transported to the Red Fir Helispot and flown to the hospital by Life Flight.


Mineral King

June 3— A vehicle was reported abandoned in Cold Springs Campground. It was believed the subject may have gone hiking and not returned. He was later found safely, stating that he overestimated his ability and had to stay out overnight.  No injuries were reported.              


High Sierra

June 5— A group of three became separated on the Pacific Crest Trail on the south side of Forester Pass while searching for the trail. A 22-year-old female became separated from her party while the group was trying to hike up Forester Pass. After the other part of her party pressed the “SOS” button on their satellite devices, the park initiated an investigation. The subjects reunited prior to the park starting search operations. 




Grant Grove

June 4— A group (15 to 20 young adults) was contacted in Sunset Campground for several offenses, including possession of weapons, noise violations, and alcohol offenses. After a second contact, violation notices were issued for preservation of natural resources, due to one member of the group using a live tree as an axe-throwing target.


Sierra Crest

June 5— Rangers coordinated a search-and-rescue for an injured 26-year-old female at Rae Lakes. She reported via satellite device that she was unable to walk due to an injured foot. The patient was treated for a closed leg injury and evacuated from the wilderness via helicopter to Grant Grove. She was transported to Clovis Hospital for further evaluation.

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