Incidents at Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: June 27-July 10


IN PHOTO: Red bear means dead bear 

In Yosemite National Park, signs with a picture of a red bear are placed along roadways to indicate that a bear was killed at the location due to a collision with a vehicle and remind drivers to slow down and watch for wildlife. Nine bears, including the mother of three cubs, have been killed by vehicles in Yosemite this year. In Sequoia-Kings Canyon, there have been a few collisions reported, but no bears have died.  





Ash Mountain

June 27— Rangers responded to a report of gunshots near the Research Pools. Multiple interviews were conducted, but no suspects were identified.

June 28— Rangers investigated a hit-and-run motor vehicle collision near Tunnel Rock. The investigation is ongoing. 

June 28— Rangers responded to a burglary alarm at the entrance station. No suspects were located, and the cause of the alarm is unknown.

July 4— Rangers responded to a 911 report of a fatal traffic collision in the foothills section of the Generals Highway with three vehicles involved. Two individuals were transported with minor injuries. There were no fatalities.  

July 5— Ranger and EMT responded to a medical call at park headquarters. Patient was transported by ambulance.

July 6— Ranger responded to a burn injury at Buckeye Campground. The patient was treated and declined further assistance against medical advice.



June 27— A vehicle struck a motorcycle on the Generals Highway, near the Four Guardsmen. There were multiple serious injuries. Two patients were transported by ambulance to the Ash Mountain Helibase and then transported by helicopter to the hospital. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

July 2— A vehicle struck a pedestrian and another vehicle at the Lower Sherman Tree Parking Lot. There were no injuries. 

July 3— Rangers responded to a report of shots fired in the Dorst Creek Campground. No suspects were located.

July 4— A vehicle struck a bear near the Pinewood Picnic Area. The bear ran away. The driver of the vehicle drove to the Ash Mountain entrance station to report the accident. 

July 5— Crystal Cave staff reported an unconscious patient a quarter of the way through the cave on a tour. The patient regained consciousness quickly. After an assessment, the patient chose not to be transported to the hospital against medical advice.

July 7— Rangers and cave staff responded to a report of an unconscious male on the Crystal Cave trail. The patient had abnormal vital signs and contacted medical control, who indicated the patient should be flown out to the hospital. The patient disagreed with the doctors and refused care against medical advice. 

July 8— A 66-year-old male was feeling faint and requested medical attention at the Wuksachi Lodge. A parkmedic from Grant Grove responded and the patient was transported by ambulance to the hospital.


High Sierra

July 1— A 52-year-old female fell and sustained bilateral extremity injuries while climbing on Hamilton Dome. She was transported, by helicopter to the Ash Mountain Helibase where she was transferred to an ambulance.

July 5— A 52-year-old male, who was experiencing general illness symptoms, requested information about contracting a pack stock trip out of the wilderness. After arranging a trip, the subject stated he wanted out immediately and began striking his own ankle with a rock. Law enforcement was flown to the scene where he was detained and transported to the helibase. He was transported by ambulance for evaluation.

July 9— A 37-year-old female fell near Gallats Lake and suffered a possible broken ankle. Her husband set up camp for her and hiked to the Crabtree Ranger Station where he reported the incident. She was treated  and flown to the Ash Mountain Helibase, where she was transferred to an ambulance.




Grant Grove

July 2— Parkmedics and EMTs responded to Big Stump entrance station for a 10-year-old child having an asthma attack. The patient’s mother refused further treatment or ambulance transport. 

July 7— Rangers responded to an EMS assist request at Stony Creek Lodge for an 18-year-old female suffering from chest pain. The patient was transported by ambulance to Grant Grove, where she was transferred to another ambulance. 

July 9— Rangers were asked assist a woman who injured her lower leg. They found a 44-year-old female who had fallen on broken branches and suffered a 2-3 inch avulsion and a ¼-inch puncture wound of unknown depth. She was treated and transported by ambulance to the hospital. 


Cedar Grove

July 6— A ranger rescued a visitor from the river near Red Bridge.

July 7— A helicopter medivac from Grouse Lake took place.

July 9— There was a motor vehicle accident on River Road (Motor Nature Trail). Citations were issued for leaving the scene of an accident, resource damage, and driving on a license suspended for DUI.

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