Incidents at Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks: September 26 to October 2





September 30— An illegal, escaped campfire near the Upper Sherman Parking Lot was discovered burning freely. An investigation revealed that it was several days old and had been smoldering in the duff. The park fire crew extinguished the fire.

October 1— A hazard tree was identified near Site 209 in the Lodgepole Campground. Several adjoining sites were closed for visitor safety. The tree failed the next day. 

October 1— A 22-year-old female from Durham, N.C., was located at the bottom of a 30-foot granite face east of Little Baldy Saddle. Rangers performed CPR in the back of the ambulance en route to rendezvous with an air ambulance. The patient was declared dead en route. An investigation has been initiated (see article here; see photo above).


Mineral King

September 30— Staff discovered the pipe safe at Atwell Mill Campground had been pulled out of the ground. The funds, however, remained secure within the pipe safe. A sign has been posted instructing campers to pay fees at Cold Springs Campground.


High Sierra

All wilderness ranger stations have been demobilized for the season, with the exception of Crabtree Ranger Station, which is near busy Mount Whitney. 



No incidents.

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