Incidents: August in full swing at Sequoia-Kings Canyon




Ash Mountain

Friday, Aug. 7: There was a single-vehicle rollover accident along the Generals Highway just inside the Sequoia National Park entrance. The driver was transported by ambulance to Kaweah Delta Hospital. 

Friday, Aug. 7: Rangers conducted a patrol of the Dillonwood area and found evidence of recent illegal off-highway vehicle use. 

Saturday, Aug. 15: Multiple graffiti incidents in the Potwisha area were investigated.

Monday, Aug. 16: A man walked through the Ash Mountain entrance station without paying the fee and did not acknowledge entrance station staff. He was cited for failure to pay the entrance fee and for interfering with agency function.



Monday, Aug. 3: Rangers contacted a group in Lodgepole Campground about food storage issues. The group had a bow-and-arrow, a metal detector, 4 BB guns, and a loaded rifle unattended in a tent all day long. One individual was cited for disorderly conduct for creating a hazardous condition by leaving a loaded rifle unattended.

Friday-Saturday, Aug. 7-8: There was a medical/search-and-rescue at Emerald Lake for a 37-year-old female with a headache and altered vision who was unable to walk. A park medic and first responder spent the night out with the patient and walked her out from the trail the following day.

Sunday-Monday, Aug. 9-10: Park staff responded to a medical/search-and-rescue at Mehrten Creek on the High Sierra Trail for a 55-year-old male backpacker who was ill and unable to walk out to the trailhead. A park medic, backcountry ranger, and EMT were sent to assist him out of the wilderness after on-scene medical treatment.

Thursday, Aug. 13: Rangers and Helicopter 552 evacuated a 45-year-old man complaining of chest pain from the Bearpaw area. He was transferred to Life Flight and transported to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.

Saturday, Aug. 15: Rangers stopped a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed along the Generals Highway near Cabin Creek. The driver was cited for driving on a suspended license for DUI, unsafe operations, speeding, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. (The driver had a large amount of marijuana packaged for sale, scales, and other drug paraphernalia.)  

Saturday, Aug. 15: A ranger observed a visitor carving on the Auto Log and handing the knife to his child to carve too. A citation was issued for vandalism. 

Sunday, Aug. 16: A ranger observed a visitor carving on the dead-and-down tree along the General Sherman Tree trail near the lower General Sherman parking area. A citation was issued for defacing natural and cultural resources. On the same day and same location another citation was issued for vandalism for the same offense.  

Sunday, Aug. 16: A ranger stopped a vehicle for traveling at a high rate of speed along the Lodgepole Grade. The driver was arrested for DUI and cited for unsafe operations, open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, and failure to establish financial liability.  


Mineral King/Kern

Monday, Aug. 3: Rangers responded to a report of a man experiencing severe general illness on the John Muir Trail near Wright Creek. The patient was flown to the Ash Mountain Helibase and transferred to an air ambulance.

Wednesday, Aug. 12: Rangers received a report of a hiker who was separated from his party in the Little Five Lakes area. An Incident Command Post was established and search-and-rescue teams located the missing man, who was in good health, the next day.




Grant Grove

Sunday, Aug. 2: An individual was contacted in Azalea Campground for discarding a cigarette butt on the ground. The individual had an active, extraditable arrest warrant for a DUI charge out of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The individual was arrested for the active warrant and transported to the Tulare County pre-trial facility.  

Monday, Aug. 3: Grant Grove rangers received a report of a traffic crash 2 miles east of Grant Grove Visitor Center on Hwy, 180. Rangers responded and located the crash outside the park. The California Highway Patrol was advised and no injuries were reported. Cedar Grove rangers helped shuttle camping equipment that the individuals involved in the crash had at Cedar Grove to the accident scene.

Tuesday, Aug. 4: A search was conducted for a separated party near Ranger Lakes in the Kings Canyon wilderness. While scouting for a campsite, two individuals became separated. One member of the party found a creek to follow all the way to Comanche Meadows before realizing she had gone in the wrong direction. She received assistance from other wilderness users and made her way back to the Ranger Lakes area. A wilderness ranger responded to the area from Roaring River and found the parties reunited. 

Tuesday, Aug. 4: A Grant Grove ranger responded to a traffic crash in Sequoia National Park at Lodgepole. An RV hit a tree that fell on Hwy. 198. This resulted in significant damage to the RV. The ranger arranged for a tow vehicle and conducted a motor vehicle crash investigation.

Sunday, Aug. 9: Grant Grove rangers responded to a report of a vehicle-versus-cow accident along the Generals Highway near Quail Flat. The cow was removed from the road by bystanders. The cow did not survive.

Saturday, Aug. 15: A bear accessed garbage at Big Stump Picnic Area by rolling the dumpster over and breaking the hasp which locked the lid. The dumpster was repaired and the incident has not been repeated.


Cedar Grove

Saturday, Aug. 15: Cedar Grove (and Grant Grove) staff assisted with the closure of Hwy. 180 at the Hume Lake junction due to the Rough Fire. The public, non-essential National Park Service personnel, and concessions staff were advised of the closure and successfully vacated the area. Wilderness users exiting through Cedar Grove are still being contacted and escorted out of the area.


Sierra Crest

Tuesday, Aug. 4: Rangers learned of an ill
male hiker near the Bullfrog Lakes area. The man was evaluated by the Rae Lakes ranger, but declined medical aid. On August 6, the man became more ill and requested evacuation. Helicopter 552 flew a park medic to the scene. The patient was flown to Bishop then transported via ambulance to Northern Inyo Hospital.

Wednesday, Aug. 5: Rangers responded to a report of a 71-year-old female with an injured ankle at East Lake. Helicopter 552 flew to the scene with a park medic. The patient was transported to Panoramic Point then transferred by ambulance to a hospital in Reedley.

Thursday, Aug. 13: A 23-year-old male was separated from his father near Kearsarge Pass. The son, who has attention and decision-making issues, had no map. The party was reunited.


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