Incidents in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks


July 30 – August 5, 2018
Ash Mountain 
August 1— A tow truck was driven inbound through the outbound lane at the Ash Mountain entrance station while a government vehicle was driving outbound. The government vehicle was able to stop in time and avoid a collision. The tow truck driver said he did not want to wait in the entrance station lineup and continued through. 
August 3— Rangers made a vehicle stop in the Lodgepole area and detected the presence of marijuana inside the vehicle. Upon a thorough search of the vehicle rangers found marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, amphetamines, cocaine, prescription opiates, and prescription amphetamines. Both the driver and passenger were cited into court. An additional Ash Mountain ranger stopped and assisted in scene control.
August 4— Rangers attended the funeral service for Arrowhead Hotshots Captain Brian Hughes.
August 4— Rangers responded to an 11-year-old boy who was experiencing trouble breathing upon attempting to walk. The patient and his family refused medical care and transport.
Mineral King
August 2— An SOS notification was received from the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) for a 17-year-old male suffering from a headache, cramping and nausea on Black Rock Pass at approximately 7 p.m. The ill party was hiking with a Boy Scout group of 10 total. With the two-way communication device, rangers were able to give advice and monitor the condition of the individual and their location. The group self-evacuated on August 5.
High Sierra
August 2— Rangers responded to a report from the IERCC of a male in distress along the Mount Whitney trail. He was reported to be on the ground crying. After a lengthy response, rangers were unable to locate the subject.
August 2— Rangers responded to a satellite SOS activation in the Crabtree Meadow backcountry campground. The subject was experiencing diarrhea, chills, and fever for two days. He was advised to stop hiking and rest. He recovered and was able to hike out on his own.
August 6— Rangers responded to a satellite SOS activation in Kern Canyon. The device was moving along the High Sierra Trail. The subjects were contacted near the John Muir Trail junction in no distress. The device was placed in their pack without locking it, causing an accidental activation.
August 6— Rangers received a report of three overdue hikers who were due home on August 5. During the investigation, one of the party texted her mother stating that they were okay and just back in cell coverage.
Grant Grove
July 29— Rangers assisted the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office with an assault reported at Montecito-Sequoia Lodge. They found an adult male who reportedly had been assaulted at his campsite near Woodward Creek. The rangers provided medical care and transferred him to a ground ambulance. They then assisted the responding Sheriff’s Deputy with the investigation of the scene at the man’s campsite.
August 4— Rangers and Ambulance-5 responded to Crystal Springs Campground for a 23-year-old male in respiratory distress. He was transported, by ambulance, to the hospital.
August 5— Rangers responded to a car over the embankment, near Cherry Gap. They found two males who reported that their rental car had lost power and rolled backward off the Abbott Creek USFS road. Both denied any injury, but the vehicle was approximately 150 feet off the road. They were taken to Grant Grove to wait for CHP and a tow truck.
Cedar Grove
July 31— Rangers responded to a hazard tree that fell on an occupied vehicle in concession housing after a weather event. No injuries were reported.
July 31— Rangers responded for a separated party with a mental disorder. The party was reunited without incident.
August 1— Moraine Campground was closed due to water restrictions in the Cedar Grove area. Rangers contacted a camping group that refused to leave. The group was cited for a closure violation and the campground was closed.
August 2—  Rangers responded to noise complaints at both Sheep Creek and Sentinel campgrounds. The loud groups were contacted and both were cited.
August 3— Cedar Grove rangers, Grant Grove EMT, Cedar Grove Interpretation, and Forest Service Sequoia NF-E44 responded to an 11-year-old female with a suspected broken tibia on a small ledge on the west side of Roaring River Falls. Rangers stabilized the patient with a helmet and PFD and, with the use of multiple floating foam splints, secured the injured leg, allowing the injured leg to float. A swiftwater rescue was performed across a slow-flowing section of river. The patient was transferred to a litter and rangers/E44 performed a litter carry out and up a rocky slope to the Roaring River Falls trail and out to Ambulance-4. The patient was transported to CRMC Fresno. 
August 3-5— Rangers assisted Fire Management personnel with signage and updates for the North Bubbs Creek Fire, east of Roads End, which has created smoke and some flames visible from Roads End during the weekend.
August 5— Rangers responded to a SPOT device notification for a 58-year-old female at Palisade Lakes with a chief complaint of altitude sickness and loss of consciousness. Helicopter-552, with a Cedar Grove EMT on board, transported the patient to Ash Mountain Helibase where they rendezvoused with a ground ambulance.
August 5— Rangers responded to a SPOT device report of a 64-year-old male on the John Muir Trail’s Golden Staircase with a chief complaint of altitude sickness and nausea. He was evacuated by Helicopter-552 to Bishop Airport where he was transferred to an ambulance.
—Kings Canyon—
July 29-August 4: 
7,944 vehicles
July 29-August 4: 
10,037 vehicles
Lodgepole Campground
—Campground sites #143 and #144 closed due to hazard trees.
—Mountain lion seen at site Lodgepole Campground #100 on night of August 4.
—Bear with three cubs reported in many locations within the Lodgepole Campground. So far, they have not seemed to be looking for food from campsites. Bear techs have been notified about each sighting. Campers are being advised to be vigilant about food storage.
—Displaced Yosemite campers continue to arrive at Lodgepole, Dorst Creek, and Grant Grove campgrounds looking for available sites. There are more displaced campers than sites available. Dozens of potential campers daily are being directed to dispersed camping areas in Sequoia National Forest.
Dorst Campground
—Mountain lion seen walking in Dorst Campground roadway near site #86 on night of August 4.
—There were several complaints for noise on at least six large groups with at least five sites for each group. 
Entrance stations
Ash Mountain Entrance Station— On August 1, a tow truck was driven inbound through the outbound lane at the entrance station while a government vehicle was driving outbound. The government vehicle was able to stop in time and avoid a collision. The tow truck driver said he did not want to wait in the entrance station lineup. 
Yosemite personnel— Due to the Ferguson Fire and the closure of some areas of Yosemite National Park, Yosemite staff has been reassigned to locations in Sequoia-Kings Canyon to  assist  at entrance stations, visitor centers, trailheads, and campgrounds. 

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